Writing for Industry and Science

High-Tech Marketing Writing

Today's customers expect information. Before they contact you, they want to know who you are, what you can do for them, and what you have done for others like them. That is especially true in industry and high-tech fields. A catchy slogan might get attention, but information sells.

Good information builds trust. It showcases your expertise, and demonstrates how you can help customers solve problems. It shows that you understand their needs and their markets, and that you can help them do their jobs better.

The companies that lead in today's market know the importance of written communication. In addition to traditional print materials and web content to describe products and services, they use press releases to announce new products, case studies to describe how they have helped their customers, white papers and other technical documents to show their expertise and to educate customers, articles for media coverage, and blogs to report industry trends.

Content marketing is the current buzzword for this approach to marketing, but it is nothing new. Successful companies have been doing the same thing for many years.

Cliff's Edge specializes in producing informative, interesting content that meets all of these needs. When you work with Cliff's Edge, you get a writer with the scientific and technical knowledge to get up to speed quickly on your projects, and to deliver content that is ready to use with little need for editing. You get concise, persuasive content that zeroes in on the issues that matter most to the engineers, scientists, and plant managers who make decisions about your products. You get content that tells a good story and compels people to take action.

Writing good content takes skill, and it takes time. Why not make things easier for yourself and let Cliff's Edge do the writing?